Saturday Marketing — May 9, 2015

Spring has come to the Market. Marvin had his own asparagus. They are fatter than I like but it is great to have Ontario produce. Even better was that he had fiddleheads! I am not the biggest fan of them but they are cool.

It was a great to see Frank at De Liso’s. He looked great, nicely tanned. He told me he’d spent March down south. Mary is doing well too, chasing around all their grandchildren. Frank is busy with many things and only has time to sit when there’s a soccer game or hockey game on TV.

When to Chris Cheesemonger looking for brown cheese. It was sitting in one of the bins out front. Why wouldn’t they have brown cheese? Naturally, it comes from Norway — Oslo in fact. I asked about other Norwegian cheese. They had Jarlsberg. That would have been what I was eating on my vacation, thinking it was Swiss cheese.

I bought some smoked salmon for my breakfast too.

I will bake some rye bread for breakfast.